Variety Pack - All Scents (5 Rise Sticks)

Variety Pack - All Scents (5 Rise Sticks)

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Indulge in the ultimate variety of scents with our Rise Deodorant Variety Pack. This pack includes all five invigorating scents: Raw Vanilla, Actually Unscented, Wilderness Mint, Trailblazer Citrus Musk, and Rogue Rose. Crafted with powerful natural ingredients and free from aluminum and parabens, our deodorant provides gentle care for sensitive skin while keeping you confident and fresh all day. Experience the captivating allure of each unique scent and embrace the power of nature in your daily routine.


Capric Triglyceride A fatty acid derived from coconut oil, used as a moisturizing agent. Tapioca Starch A natural ingredient obtained from cassava roots, used as a thickener. Sodium Bicarbonate Also known as baking soda, is a versatile ingredient with deodorizing and exfoliating properties. Ozokerite A naturally occurring mineral wax derived from earth minerals, used to provide texture and stability. Butyrosperum Parkii A rich and nourishing butter extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, used for its moisturizing and emollient properties. Cocos Nucifera A versatile oil derived from coconuts, known for its hydrating and antimicrobial properties. Magnesium Hydroxide A mineral compound used to bind to, and neutralize, odor. Cyclodextrin A group of sugar molecules that can be derived from starch, used as a stabilizing agent to enhance the solubility of other ingredients. Dextrose A simple sugar used as a humectant, providing moisture and hydration to the skin. Lactobacillus Acidophilus A probiotic bacterium commonly found in the gut and used for its beneficial effects on the skin's microbiome.


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